What Are the Mistakes Common People Make During DIY Drain Field Installation?

Have the Experts Install It

Drain field installation is an important plumbing project that needs to be handled by experts. Do you want to install it yourself? It’s not a good idea, as it’s labor-intensive and dangerous. Getting help from a licensed plumber is an option if you lack the skills essential to handle the job yourself. If you’re set on doing the installation on your own, though, here are some pitfalls to watch out for:

Using Improperly Cut Drainage Gutter

A gutter is nothing but a channel that collects rainwater flowing from your roof to the edge of your roof. It’s also a component of your drain field and is important for proper drainage. You must buy the best quality material and cut it properly. Make sure to use a handsaw, not a power saw, when cutting the gutter. You should not buy rough materials and try to smooth the surface of the gutter with a file or sandpaper.

Incorrect Plumbing Disconnector

The plumber uses disconnection of the main line before closing the drain field. It is a tool that’s used to disconnect the water supply. If you’re installing a drain field, you need to ensure that the disconnector is in the right location, making sure not to obstruct the water supply. If you do that, the drain field won’t be able to hook up to the water supply, which will lead to a shoddy job.

Inconsistent Backfill

Some people use a lot of backfill for their drain field. Doing so will make it unstable, which is why you shouldn’t do it. You can improve water flow by excavating away the surplus soil covering your drain field. Make sure the backfill is uniform to avoid this; if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, professional help is available.

If you have a drain field on your property, make sure to avoid these mistakes. If you need the assistance of professionals in Plantation, FL, you can always count on Statewide Septic by Dwayne for high-quality drain field installation works. For inquiries and information, call us (786) 808-7910.